i am writing my english 103 class, having woken up 40 mintues ago and somehow taking the train downtown to be on time. this week has been a rough one, i have emptied the contents of my stomach a many more times than one should do in the span of three days..... right now i am writing a reflection for a paper i have yet to write, and i do feel heavily guilty over. my grammar is awful, no wait, syntax. the nyquil i took yesterday has yet to wear off. i have decided for this entry to do no such prewriting or review. i hope this prompts me to collect my life togeather. that would be very nice indeed. i think going back and doting on halloweekend would make for a nice entry. we dont have friday classes at my school, so we started the weekend prematurely with a small partayy on thursday night. the next night however... was super fucking cool. we got invited to this super underground art display thing???? there were vendors and art on display, tattoos, live music, and everything cool in one place. super cool. amazingly cool. i almost got a tattoo but im broke atm....... so sad. anyways the next night we went to a frat... ok so where i go to school frats arent a whole big thing, so when they host... boy is it crowded. we had to fucking negotiate at the door😭. all ended well as i got absolutely shitfaced and had a pretty good time overall!! that is until we left and i decided to go on a tire swing and spin like there was no tommorow. so obviously i puked, and then a bunch of other stuff happened but im not sure how ethical it would be for me to get into detail........ nothing crazy though i can promise you. sunday was a blur... and then monday/halloween.. we went to the dorms and watched the movie society... i do not reccomend being stoned before watching..... the next morning i woke up at 6 am and decided to drink lke 5 glasses of chocolate milk, puke it up, try and go to class, and almost faint on the train..... bye for now!!!- clare


many apologies to everyone who has been checking this website expecting another entry, i have been rather busy. i plan to organize this page further this week, with the main entry page having the latest entry, and links to past ones and other written pieces and stuff, but for now, i neeed to focus on school. im sitting right now on my friends dorm floor after a day of skipping class to do work...... not a great start to the week. this friday, i went home for a good 20 hours to pick up my absentee ballot. on the way there (5 in the morning) i saw someone dressed as gendo ikari on my train???? this isnt the first time ive seen a peculiar get up on the amtrak. last time returning home, from orientation, a guy who was dressed as jesus boarded the same train as me (he looked exactly like jesus from south park). going home for such a short time was such a trip. i did love seeing my dog though. ive been in a bit of a bender recently.some people are weirdddddd. on a better note..... i saw smashing pumpkins saturday night. twas very good. as expected everyone there was mid 40s. ive recently been pushing myself to get more into painting and improving my technique, (definitely has nothing to do with me procrastonating my homework). taping newspaper on your wall and doing whatever with paint is actually quite fun. brb gotta do hw.......-clare


sorry yall.... finals season is approaching and my free time has been limited. however i did find kingdom hearts at the thrift for 6 dollars and have been wasting my time with that ironically. its rather fun. i like to imagine being a 90s kid running home from the bus, grabbing a can of pepsi, and booting up the 'ol system. (yes i know kingdom hearts came out in 2002 whatever). anyways i hope to write more in the future....-clare


finals week is wrapping up, and the beginning of break begins (i have until new years off???) kinda crazy. i think this break will be good for my mental. im not sure where im going to spend a majority of my time, but working in chicago is what im leaning twoards. i've been feeling p shitty these past couple weeks so i'm glad i get this time to myself to reflect and all that fun stuff. this also means i can work on this site more so its less of a hot mess. thank. god. writing and journaling is how i have found the ability to keep my sanity. sometimes i forget other people are gonna be reading this. not that i really care. i get way to caught up in my own thoughts all the time. i need to be better about taking my meds.... anyways today after my computer science final i return home for thanksgiving. i'm hoenstly looking forward to being back. i enjoy biking around town and listening to my 2020 fall playlists. that should clear my head real good. im not sure however, what exactly im bringing home with me. i have clothes at home, but they're all a bit fugly. but honestly who cares. i think im gonna bring some books back with me though. or a couple zines or papers to read on the car ride/train....toodles for now...clare


oh god, i really meant to update this more frequently..... i think associated stress from school with my computer has veered my away but as im on break... i think ill make up for some lost time. im currently rotting away in my dorm/apartment (ive gotten really good at mario kart), no seriously ive had like a solid 10 day streak. i do say i really do miss the trophy podium from the wii mario kart game... as well as my dear friend coconut mall. if i wasnt so broke and had my debit card which i may or may not have had to replae due to falling for a cc scam.................. anyways i am soon to depart back to my homeland of michigan for the holidays. other things that i should mentioon..... well i finally finished kamatari damacy, and i just finished the deep jungle world in kingdom hearts. i tried playing resident evil 4, but the lack of mobility combined with angry eastern europeans coming at you with pitchforks is very overwhelming. alas i cannot do it alone.


Its been a minute, but I really hope to update soon. starting with the format of my entries. stay tuned!